Thunderspire Labyrinth

What do you mean we dont need the body?

After arriving in town, the group heads to the priestess for answers. They show the body to the priestess and she recoils in disgust. she proclaims that in order to question the dead, only an article of clothing or a name is required, not the whole body. Everyone is dumbstruck and speechless. There hours of preserving the body and dragging it miles back to town were all for naught. Regardless, they get their answers. They are directed to The grimmizul Trading post in town. They decide to keep up the pretense of being fellow slave traders and approach the gaurds. Before a word can be said, a strange dragonborn woman shows up and begins to break their cover. Before the damage was irreparable, they manage to send her off. Feigning innocence, they decide to turn over ____’s body in exchange for a good word. The gaurds, however, are not so easily tricked as the goblins and attack. As the last gaurd is being felled, he manages to open the door and shout out a warning. Quickly the group rushes in, but its too late. No one is there. They hear footsteps beyond the walls and find a secret passage out the back. just as the last enemy rounds the corner and seems to be home free, a massive figure tackles her to the ground and easily subdues her. After restraining her, the massive man introduces himself as the goliath Groundsel, of the Thunder Mountain nomads. Groundsel as heard of the accomplishments of the adventurers and seeks greater challenges, which he hopes they can provide. After a brief rest in town, and interrogating ___, they waste no time setting off again to find the missing slaves.



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