Thunderspire Labyrinth

On the road agai.. oh god what is that?

With their new friend, Groundsel, leading the way, the group sets out. After only a short distance, they see something blocking the path. It seemed like an illusion, almost immaterial. Because of their overconfidence in their numbers, they boldly approach the transparent object only to be swiftly consumed by in once within range. The few left on the outside soon realize they are fighting a lesser Gelatinous Cube. Groundsel, Samel, and Solenum are stuck inside, unable to do anything but suffocate and be digested. Heishi, with his quick thinking, fey steps to the other side of the cube and begins a relentless assault by electrocuting the cube. Lillith on the other side begins to burn it. Groundel, due to his immense strength, momentarily breaches the surface of the cube and manages to attack it a few times. Samel focuses on keeping them alive long enough to fell the cube. Just when victory is sure, the cube splits into two smaller cubes. But before it has a chance to renew its attack, it is splattered across the walls and floor. Huffing and heaving, the group takes a short break and rethinks their confidence in numbers.



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