Thunderspire Labyrinth

On the road agai.. oh god what is that?

With their new friend, Groundsel, leading the way, the group sets out. After only a short distance, they see something blocking the path. It seemed like an illusion, almost immaterial. Because of their overconfidence in their numbers, they boldly approach the transparent object only to be swiftly consumed by in once within range. The few left on the outside soon realize they are fighting a lesser Gelatinous Cube. Groundsel, Samel, and Solenum are stuck inside, unable to do anything but suffocate and be digested. Heishi, with his quick thinking, fey steps to the other side of the cube and begins a relentless assault by electrocuting the cube. Lillith on the other side begins to burn it. Groundel, due to his immense strength, momentarily breaches the surface of the cube and manages to attack it a few times. Samel focuses on keeping them alive long enough to fell the cube. Just when victory is sure, the cube splits into two smaller cubes. But before it has a chance to renew its attack, it is splattered across the walls and floor. Huffing and heaving, the group takes a short break and rethinks their confidence in numbers.

What do you mean we dont need the body?

After arriving in town, the group heads to the priestess for answers. They show the body to the priestess and she recoils in disgust. she proclaims that in order to question the dead, only an article of clothing or a name is required, not the whole body. Everyone is dumbstruck and speechless. There hours of preserving the body and dragging it miles back to town were all for naught. Regardless, they get their answers. They are directed to The grimmizul Trading post in town. They decide to keep up the pretense of being fellow slave traders and approach the gaurds. Before a word can be said, a strange dragonborn woman shows up and begins to break their cover. Before the damage was irreparable, they manage to send her off. Feigning innocence, they decide to turn over ____’s body in exchange for a good word. The gaurds, however, are not so easily tricked as the goblins and attack. As the last gaurd is being felled, he manages to open the door and shout out a warning. Quickly the group rushes in, but its too late. No one is there. They hear footsteps beyond the walls and find a secret passage out the back. just as the last enemy rounds the corner and seems to be home free, a massive figure tackles her to the ground and easily subdues her. After restraining her, the massive man introduces himself as the goliath Groundsel, of the Thunder Mountain nomads. Groundsel as heard of the accomplishments of the adventurers and seeks greater challenges, which he hopes they can provide. After a brief rest in town, and interrogating ___, they waste no time setting off again to find the missing slaves.

Onwards to the Chamber of Eyes

After a little detour down a wrong fork, the group continue to the chamber. With a scout out front, the group is lucky enough to learn that only a few goblins guard the entrance. Golbins are pretty dim witted, and the team quickly disguise themselves as potential slaves being sold by Samel and Odette. They are so convincing in fact, that they are led practically to the camps leader. After a short wait, they are approached by krand(berry), the leader, and are asked very insightful questions. soon figured out by krand that they are imposters, he calls, although too late, for reinforcements. krand ends up on the ground dead and unable to asnwer any questions. While searching the room for clues, they stumble upon a secret passage that leads deeper into the camp. While no one was paing attention, Zilla breaks off from the group and starts checking doors. This quickly alerts any remaing forces to our presence and a major battle ensues. Beaten and bruised, but still victorious, the looting resumes. Krands desk is found with a letter inside addressed to kedhira of the grihmizul trading post concerning the slaves. the group, unable to decide what to do, gather as they consider their options. Lillith speaks up and calms everyone. She remembers that the preistess in town can raise spirits for questioning. after some looting, the band gathers up krands body and set out for seven pillar hall. With quite a bit of bad luck, the group encounters some wild hyenas on the way back, but they quickly dispatch them.

Seven Pillar Hall

Upon entering the hall, the adventurers seek out the “inn” that they had heard of from a man that they saved from some badies. After some chitting and some chatting, they are approched by an intimidating orc, Brugg. Brugg gets straight to the point and questions them about their purpose in town. After a short exchange, the gang soon has the tables turned and are having brugg spill the beans over some quality ale at a little bar he knows Rothars Tavern. After an introduction and a little bribe, Rothars lets them know the direction out of town that would likely lead them to the CHamber of Eyes. After a while, they group parts from brugg and decide that with the name of a location, and a porely labeled map, and a little luck, they would soon be at the Chamber.

Entering the Labrynth

Travelling down the old trade road between winterhaven and hammer fast, the group takes a cobble stone path off the side that cuts into the Thunderspire mountains. Teh travellers reach the Minotaur gate, roughly 4 miles down the path. The minotaur gate is a massive Archway flanked my two gigantic minotaur statues. The adventurers pass a small storage room off the main road where they see some hobgoblins picking on a halfling, Rendil. After saving him, they learn his aunt runs the halfmoon inn in seven pillar hall. He says for saving his life, he will give you a lifetime of free room and board. He also tells you that the hobgoblins are a small arm of the Bloodreavers and they make their camp in the Chamber of Chamber of Eyes

Hook: Slave Rescue

Hook: Slave Rescue
The Bloodreavers have captured a dozen villagers from
the small settlement of Riverdown, one of the half dozen
villages that make up the Harkenwold. Word of this raid
has reached Sister Linora, a priest of Avandra who serves
Winterhaven and the farms around it. She asks the adven-
turers to get involved. “You have already done a great
service for Winterhaven and the people of Nentir Vale,”
she says. “Can you find it in your heart to help us again?”
Sister Linora explains that a young tracker from the
village followed the Bloodreavers and their prisoners
until they reached the Trade Road south of Thunderspire
Mountain. Then he turned toward the town of Fallcrest to
seek help. Linora heard of the situation there, and quickly
returned to request the help of the adventurers.


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